The DONNA Foundation

Chasing Unicorns 2020

Chasing unicorns. For many of us who race marathons, this chase is typically after the ever elusive entry to the Boston Marathon via a qualifying time. And for me, that is where #ChasingUnicorns started. But then something really magical happened, and I realized that unicorns are everywhere in my life. Sure, it would still be awesome to qualify for Boston and I am not giving up on this dream - but it is not the unicorn I am focused on. The real unicorn is transforming the lives of families living with breast cancer from a place of fear and frustration, to one of love and support. This is love over fear. This is living life fearless. And most of the unicorns I see are found in the very finish line I manage - because every year on the second Sunday in February - thousands of unicorns cross the finish line of The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer and for that moment - and hopefully forever - are transformed in love over fear. And I get to watch it go down and for that I am forever grateful.

So if you are visiting this Team Page for Chasing Unicorns, it means you are joining me in this love over fear movement. The DONNA Foundation is able to do this not only in the finish lines of our events, but also through the DONNA CareLine and funding for research at Mayo Clinic. To do this important work, we need money. Gasp, I said it - we need money. To the tune of about $500,000 more per year than we are raising today.

So while I am not going to actually run 26.2 miles DONNA Marathon Weekend, I invite you to join me in raising funds for the important work I do. Let's chase unicorns together.

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