Thankfully not everyone experiences breast cancer. But the likelihood, you or someone you know, either has or will be effected is strong. And did you know simply by having breast tissue YOU are at risk. The numbers are frightening, 1 in 8 families will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Even more scary—


  • Nearly 73% of breast cancer patients contemplate modifying or skipping their medication or treatment to save money. 41 % actually act on it.
  • Close to 47 % of families living with breast cancer are using their retirement account to pay for out-of-pocket expenses, 26% paid with their credit card.
  • Well over 80% of breast cancer patient report medical expenses totaling up to $10,000, with insurance.

Where does this leave these family? Many of them are making tough treatment choices in an effort to manage the financial toxicity that accompanies a diagnosis. The DONNA Foundation works to provide these families with the love, hope, and the support they so desperately need. We have helped over 12,000 families over the last 15+ years but the we can no longer do it alone. We answered 30% more calls for help this past year than last year, we need your help.

Families need your help. Living in fear, fed by worry—“Do I pay for my medication or put food on the table for my kids this month?” is a real concern. By becoming a DONNA Foundation Fundraiser you will be helping to remove these types of obstacles.



Mya, age 33
Stage III

With no risk factors in my family I was stunned when I heard the words breast cancer. The DONNA Foundation helped me with childcare for my daughter when I was receiving chemo. They even helped me cover many of the doctor bills that were piling up. I am forever grateful for their assistance.

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5k Runner

Margaret, age 67
Stage II

When mom told me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer my thoughts began to race. My parents are retired with a fixed income and I just knew the finances would be a struggle for them. We learned about The DONNA Foundation from mom’s health navigator. I cannot say thank you enough to their staff, the assistance they gave my mom truly made the difference in her recovery.

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Puck and Stick

Rosa, age 72
Stage I

Thank you to The DONNA Foundation, you saved my life. I was going to lose my home because I didn’t have enough money for my rent and my medicines. The DONNA Foundation helped me be able to get my medicines for free.

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Golf with Tee

Giselle, age 35
Stage II

As a single mother hearing I had breast cancer seemed like a death sentence to me. All I could think about was my daughter and how I was going to manage this illness while taking care of her. The DONNA Foundation came to my rescue. My case manager answered all of my questions, worked with my insurance company and my creditors to ensure I was able to meet my obligations and fight my cancer.

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