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Register to fundraise around DONNA Marathon Weekend 2022 to support The DONNA Foundation! This annual fundraising campaign will begin in November 2021 and run through March 2022 in celebration of the 15th Anniversary of DONNA Marathon Weekend. Whether you raise $15 or give $15, every bit helps a family living with breast cancer. This is separate from DONNA DIY Fundraising and totals do not connect. Fundraising is separate from race registrations so be sure to register to race here.

It’s easy to fundraise

  • Select Your Fundraiser Type and Register (returning participants from past years still need to register for this year’s fundraiser)
  • Customize your page: tell your story and add a personal photo
  • Start Fundraising: email and share your page with family, friends, and colleagues; integrate your page with Facebook through your Participant Center
  • Engage and thank donors — feel good about making an impact!

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